TSE SEM Series
  • TSE SEM is an energy management solution from TSE Indonesia to efficiently utilize electrical energy for the industrial and commercial sectors.
  • With the energy management method that we call the TSE Smart Way, TSE SEM is able to provide energy utilization efficiency up to 50% of the company’s power usage.
  • To achieve energy efficiency in accordance with TSE commitment, TSE uses a range of methods and technologies ranging from repair and installation management, repair of power factors and power reactive by filtering – capaciting and inverting, residual power utilization and idle power and hybrid power technology developed by experts TSE Indonesia.
  • TSE SEM is available from 80kVA to unlimited power.
  • TSE Indonesia provides several choices of installation programs that allow companies to enjoy SEM TSE services either by way of purchase, profit sharing or rental.


TSE SEM is an energy management service for commercial services with efficiency commitment : Brown Saving 20% | Silver Saving 30% | Gold Saving 40% | Platinum Saving 50%


To deliver the service, TSE SEM have three core method : - Improving power factor (passive methods) - Scavenge residual energy and use it for reuse (active methods) - Boost power with hybrid methods


Customer deserve guarantee until the investment return plus 6 month.


TSE SEM provide contract maintenance option after guarantee service.