TSE HPE Series
  • TSE HYBRID ENERGY (TSE HPE) is a service of TSE Indonesia in the development of new renewable energy (EBT) where TSE combines solar cell (photo voltage) as an energy trigger and magnetic generator as an energy source.
  • TSE HPE implementation enables energy providers to obtain quality energy (flicker free), decentralized and inexpensive so that they can reach areas with limited power distribution such as islands, isolated areas or industrial areas that require Independent Power Plant (IPP).
  • TSE HPE can provide stable energy operating for 24 hours with SLA above 95% according to installed power.
  • TSE HPE is available from 100kVA to unlimited.


TSE HPE Series is EBT Power Plant which combining solar cell energy and generator magnetic. TSE HPE Series can be a smart solution to cover isolated area (small island or high mountain or to replace PLTD.


TSE HPE Series combining solar cell energy and generator magnetic which could multiply solar cell energy saving up to 10X. With this methods, TSE HSE claimed as smart compact power plant.


Customer deserve guarantee until the investment return plus 6 month.


TSE SEM provide contract maintenance option after guarantee service.