TSE HSE Series
  • TSE HSE is a TSE solution for energy management in the commercial sector that is derived to also be enjoyed by households and small businesses.
  • HSE TSE works with 4 step saving and power factor improvements by filtering, capaciting and inverting and active saving technology for certain power where all the methods are controlled by a smart regulator specifically created by TSE to give maximum energy efficiency impact.
  • HSE TSE is available in four power classes up to 23kVA which is the largest market for power use in households and small and medium enterprises.
  • HSE TSE is available with a rental and purchase system for Jabodetabek and purchase for other regions.


TSE HSE is energy efficiency premium product for home and small enterprise used at power range up to 23.000 VA | Up to 50% energy efficiency.


To improve power factor and quality with 3 step : filtering, inverting and capaciting.


TSE HSE guarantee and service : - 100% guarantee if cannot improve power efficiency - Replacement guarantee - Buy back guarantee after 2 years